I have always been proud, and I am proud today that I am an Azerbaijani
The nation with great culture is always destined to develop
The nation is always known by its intelligentsia, culture, and science
Roads mean economy, culture, and life in a word
Our people are loyal to their culture, religion and traditions

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  • Abdest aftafa

  • Aftafa

  • Spinning wheel (Jahra)

  • Spinning wheel (Jahra)

  • Golmek

  • Golmek

  • Golmek

  • Iron heve

  • Ablution aftafa

  • Pitcher

  • Coffee kettle

  • Copper mug

  • Copper pot

  • Copper samovar

  • Copper pan and copper water container

  • Ceramic dish

  • Ceramic water container

  • Ceramic water container

  • Sahang

  • Milk pail

  • Water jug

  • Water container

  • Seven-handled jug

  • Wool comb